MapGo GIS is an easy app of mobile map to use with notepad.
It integrated the maps you own, and you can record maps quickly on your mobile device.
When you back to office, MapGo GIS can easily link up your work.
MapGo GIS can enhance your work efficiency.


Description of Multiple layers management

Multiple layers management

With MapGo GIS, the maps can be displayed in layers with the preferences you set.To adjust them in the list helps you identify the position of point more clearly.

Description of Easy to record

Easy to record

You can quickly photograph, edit, classify and note on the maps with MapGo GIS. There is no problem with lots of data.

Description of Clear recognition

Clear recognition

Different colors of legends help you to easily manage lots of data. You can distinguish the different categories on the map clearly.

Description of Useful Map Tools

Useful Map Tools

We develop many friendly map tools to assist you while operating with details. Including GPS, Zoom to selection, search, layers, area measure, distance measure, identify and extent etc.

Description of Easy to use

Easy to use

Image interface applies friendly and easily for everyone.

Description of Download KML

Download KML

Every project can be exported to KML files automatically. The projects can be opened with Google Earth.

Lite and Pro Feature List

Feature Lite Pro
Map Tools
GPS v v
Zoom to selection v v
Coordinate v v
Distance Measure v v
Area Measure v v
Extent v v
Open Street Map v v
WMS Layers 1 Limited unlimited
Managing Projects
Add Projects 10 Limited unlimited
Edit Project v v
Delete Project v v
Download KML v v